Hi ya'll, I'm Amber Jean!

I've always had an "outside the box" way of thinking; I came out kicking and screaming all things creative.  In 3rd grade, I made a camera in art class, and per by my teacher 's instruction, took a single photograph. That little project, in a matter of seconds, opened my eyes with more attentive regard- I became infatuated with my surroundings and discovering what made people, places, and things so uniquely beautiful.  Photography became my greatest obsession, and falling in love with the art was effortless.

Combining creativity, a touch of fine-art, rich colors or bold black and white, I use natural light to capture portraits that exhibit your personality and the depth of your character.   Another important factor is the environment - it's important that our session is in a location that you're comfortable in so you can let your hair down and have fun!  Besides photographing you, I'd like to get to know you.  You are not just another customer.  


I've been photographing across the Upstate professionally for the past ten years and have loved every second of it, including all the wonderful people I've met along my journey.   I've been capturing personalities, profound moments, and providing clients with meaningful images;  I focus on emotion, connections, moments-in-between moments, and what makes you so special! 

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Facts about Amber Jean


I'm a  year old Kentucky native who lives in Spartanburg, SC with my hubby of 2 years and our two rescue dogs, Thor, and Fancy (they're spoiled rotten).


I've had the opportunity to provide photography services for some incredible companies and individuals, including BMW, PGA Pro-Am, Upstate Warrior Solution, Elysian Magazine, Fern Creek Creative, and more.  My favorite part?  All the awesome people.


I completed my degree in Digital Design last summer and I am now working toward my degree in Social Work.  My goal is to complete my Masters to become a clinical social worker and provide counseling services and integrated treatment for individuals with a dual-diagnosis.


  • Food: Cheese, cheese, and more cheese.

  • Music: I have eclectic taste.  I listen to everything from 90's hip hop to Luke Bryan, Ella Fitzgerald to AC/DC and Lindsey Stirling... haha.  I love it all.  I think music is therapeutic.

  • Season: Sum Sum Summa time!!!  I love warm weather, my toes in the sand, and being outdoors!

  • Hobbies: Besides all things art (charcoal drawing, upcycling furniture, painting, etc) I also love antiquing, hiking, live music, the theatre, and trying new things.  I love spontaneous weekend trips to new places!


  • Art in general, but especially photography.  It's been my therapeutic outlet ever since I was a little. 

  • Advocating for mental health and suicide prevention through organizations such as NAMI

  • Supporting our troops - I am a volunteer for Upstate Warrior Solution, a local non-profit helping local vets and their families.

  • Bringing joy to others... I am motivated by helping other people and making a difference.


Serving The Upstate and Surrounding areas

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